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We are working at the interface of RNA biology, structural biology, molecular engineering and bioinformatics.
We are also interested in combining chemical engineering with soft materials for various biological purposes. 

Synthetic RNA devices for understanding epitranscriptome.

Post-transcriptional modifications, the epitranscriptome, make RNA the most versatile biomolecule. The advance of sequencing techniques help build a growing database of the physical presence of various modifications of RNA in different types of cells. Our lab aim to unveil the functional features of key RNA modifications and look for correlation between modification and cell status. Taking the advantage of existing epitranscriptomic database, we design and make synthetic RNA devices that either sense target modification or carry modification on themselves.


Soft materials for therapeutic purposes.

Inspired by nature, we use chemical approaches to engineer short artificial peptides. These peptides can be tailor-made to act as anti-stem cell agent, cancer drug booster, oligo nucleic acid delivery agent, and cell growth supporter. They can also be built to take action in response to physical/biological stimuli, such as light, enzyme, ion. Their soft nature promises a great potential for their clinical applications. 

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